Looking back: UK Fountain Pen’s first year

I started this blog in January 2017, as a new year’s resolution to myself. I didn’t have any huge ambitions for the site, no branding or mission statement, no dedicated social media accounts. I just wanted to give something back to the wonderful stationery community, and to exercise my writing muscles outside of the day job.

Looking back a year on and I’m pleased with where I’ve got to. Nearly 550 people choose to see my photos on Instagram. More than 75 people follow me on WordPress and email. I get kind comments on nearly every post from some wonderful regulars. And back when I started I never expected to be getting 4,000 views a month without any deliberate promotion.

Update 28th December: hey, I’ve broken 5,000 views this month. New record!


Hurrah for pleasingly upward trends!

I’m also sneakily proud of my output. Despite changing jobs, travel and all the other stuff that life has thrown at me, I’ve published 93 posts (plus this one!), covering everything from pen shows and pen shops to $2 Jinhaos and £700 flagships. Reading some of these old posts back, I actually quite like what I’ve written — an achievement of sorts for a naturally self-critical person like me!

The other thing that leaps out is the journey I’ve been on with my gear. From agonising over my first Pilots and Sailors to building up a collection of oversized flagships, I’ve really worked out what I like, and been brave (or stupid) enough to invest in getting there. Now, I’m really happy with my collection.

So, what next? I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t buy any pens in 2018. I’m already eyeing up my second Graf, the Montblanc 1912, a Pelikan in Stresemann stripes, and seeing if I can track down a Visconti London Fog. Oh, and maybe a Nakaya, Platinum President, Pilot with WA and PO nibs… but I’m trying to pace myself.

As to inks and paper, I have more than I’ll ever need, at nearly 100 bottles of the wet stuff and about a cubic meter of paper! But I’m sure a few new purchases will turn up in due course…

What would you like to see on the blog in 2018?

9 thoughts on “Looking back: UK Fountain Pen’s first year

  1. You have done well to attract so many followers and views in just twelve months. I have been on a similar journey, albeit with about half of your output, but have enjoyed the outlet for writing and photography and of course all the interaction and encouragement from fellow bloggers. I look forward to seeing where 2018 takes you…and to more reviews of those enticing flagships.😊

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  2. Just keep up the good work. I enjoy your posts and your way of writing – and also the european angel. So many american blogs with so many pens, paper and inks that I can’t buy in Denmark. Looking forward to 2018 🙂

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    • Thank you very much indeed :). I have to say, I have no idea what the “stationery scene” is like in Denmark… do you have any particularly cool brands or stores that I should know about? 🙂


      • It is a small country, so I look to the international scene, but of course there is some shops here. I have bought my Leuchtturm paper here: https://www.viking1914.com – they also have the Viking brand.
        And my Midori Traveler’s Notebook here: https://areastore.dk
        But as you might notice it is the paper I have been shopping for. I have only 5 fountain pens so far, with the Pilot Prera and the TWSBI 580 as MY high end pens. I hope for a Lamy 2000 as my next step. Perhaps as a christmas gift tomorrow 🙂


  3. Wow !! That’s an impressive result !!! I can only congratulate you to fully achieve your 2017 resolution !!! This year, I’d be glad to read your review of the Stresemann, the London Fog and any Nakaya. But for the overall shape of your blog, I’m too “new” to you to really express myself. (Sorry for any English mistakes…). I’m wishing you a very happy and mostly, a perfectly healthy new year !! Love from France, Marjorie

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