Currently inked: before the Great Flush

I’ve been writing as much as ever over the past couple of months, but there have been very few changes — partly because I’ve inked so many high-capacity piston fillers, and partly because my M805 got a complete writing dry before I reviewed it and sent it off for a nib swap.

As of yesterday I had 10 pens inked.

2017-06-12 13.54.41

Ten inked pens. TOO MANY.

Then I went through the Ritual and flushed five, losing part of a Platinum converter down the plughole in the process. Could’ve been worse.

So here’s my streamlined new lineup for today.

1: Pilot 912 FA, Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun

If you’ve read my recent review of the 912 you’ll know that I love this pen. “Old Man Winter” is a delicate grey ink that shades well, and the FA nib brings out the best in it.

2017-06-12 13.47.11

The little Iro bottles are so cute!

2: Platinum 3776 Ultra Extra Fine, Aurora Black

You’d expect a UEF nib to be scratchy, but this is remarkably smooth. Yet it’s precise, and the deep black of the Aurora ink makes for well defined lines no matter how small or fast one writes. It’s a joy to take notes with.

2017-06-12 13.45.32

Now, if only I could afford an Aurora pen to put it in…

3: Tactile Turn Gist, Bock Ti EF, Birmingham Midnight Horizon

I’m so glad that I gave Ti nibs a second chance. It’s flexible, ultra wet, and despite being an EF, not scratchy at all. The Midnight Horizon ink comes out like an oil slick, and dries with abundant sheen. This combo is getting a lot of use and I’ll reink it as soon as it runs dry.

2017-06-12 13.46.31

How could I ever have considered selling this pen?!

4: Pelikan M205 Fine, Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku

What I love about the M205 is that it’s both practical and fun. The ultra-wet nib and demonstrator body shows off ink, yet the light body, large capacity and fine(ish) nib makes it practical for long note-taking sessions. So it’s seen a lot of use recently. Ku-Jaku always has bags of personality, while being sober enough for work.

2017-06-12 13.50.19

I’m cheating on Aquamarine with Ku-Jaku…

5: Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66 Fine, Pelikan Edelstein Topaz

I get a lot of joy from this combo. Topaz looks fantastic sloshing around inside the eyedropper barrel, and even in a fine nib it lays down a truly electric, vivid line. For a generic steel nib, I’ve always liked how this #6 writes.

2017-06-12 13.47.52

I’m blue da-ba-dee da-ba-die…

What’s next?

My Lamy 2000 is heading off for a repair as soon as I can make it to the Post Office. And I’m waiting like a dog by the door every day for my new M805 fine nib to be delivered. So expect at least one new ink to be added to this lineup…

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