Thinning the herd (in other words, FOR SALE)

Update: sold pens marked with strikethrough below.
I have more than 20 pens. Some I couldn’t imagine life without. Some are very functional, or play a specific role. Some are sentimental. Others, if I’m honest, may be beautiful or great writers, but spend more time sat in my pen rack than inked up. When I’ve been through the ritual and flushed my pens clean, and am picking a new set to ink up, they’re the ones inexplicably passed over, time and again.

It’s time to thin the herd and pass those pens on to someone who’ll love them and use them. Maybe I’ll use the money to push my upper limit with a pricier pen; maybe I’ll take my daughter to Disneyland Paris.

If you see anything you like, get in touch. I’ve priced all of these fairly and IMHO to sell — for instance, the FC 45 is $105 USD plus the customs lottery; I’m selling for £65. The Gist is $120 USD; I’m selling for £80.

All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. If you spend more than £100 I’ll knock a fiver off. Spend more than £150 I’ll take a tenner off. Spend over £200 I’ll take fifteen off. Buy the whole lot and I’ll knock £50 off.


Here are the pens. Descriptions below match the photo, left to right.

Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point, medium nib

This dates back to 2005 or before, when I bought it new. Solid British racing green colour. 14k nib. The finish is not perfect: the plastic could do with a polish and a little bit of plating is coming off the grip area. (Note: buying a nib unit alone will cost you more than I’m listing the whole pen at).

Why am I selling? I never really got on with the looks, and the clip position doesn’t suit my lefty grip.

How much? £60.

Desiderata Daedalus

I bought this last year when I was investigating flex for the first time. It’s a unique pen: a wet, hand-cut ebonite feed in a delrin eyedropper body designed to hold Zebra G flex nibs. It really does give the best flex you can buy. Condition is practically as new (which is to say, a utilitarian finish).

Why am I selling? I bought an oblique holder which is more comfortable as a lefty, and a Pilot FA nib that’s more practical as an everyday pen with a bit of flex.

How much? £35.

Parker Vacumatic Major Emerald, medium/fine nib

Bought back in March from a trusted vintage seller, who described it as so:

Canadian 2nd generation ( metal pump and long blind cap) emerald green Vacumatic Major, double jewel, very smooth fine arrow nib, great colour  and overall condition, the only thing I can fault is that the imprints are not visible to the naked eye. This is an early and more expensive pen.

Why am I selling? I like changing inks. Vacumatics hold a ton of ink and they’re difficult to flush. Gorgeous pen, would be a shame to waste it.

How much? £65.

Franklin-Christoph Model 45 XLV IPO edition

This is a pocket-size pen with all the trademark FC design elements: chunky threads that sit below the grip, changeable nib units, unique look. Currently fitted with a #5 Edison 1.1mm stub nib unit (I bought it with an EF, which was scratchy, dry and horrible).

Why am I selling? I’ve used this pen a fair amount and love it but I love my Pocket 66 Antique Glass more.

How much? £65.

Tactile Turn Gist, brass

I’m very fond of this pen. The machining is amazing, the threads are sublime. It takes a #6 Bock nib unit so you can make it whatever you like. The grooved finish is really grippy and the shape is comfortable. Solid brass so it’s tough and the clip is rock solid. The closest you can get in my opinion to a proper everyday carry (EDC) fountain pen. Note: this pen is brass and it has patina.

Why am I selling? I’ve gradually transitioned away from metal pens to light plastic pens. It feels noticeably heavy to me now.

How much? £80.

Urban Survival Gear TiScribe, copper

Another all-metal pen. Rock-solid machined clip, invisible seam, tiny tiny size, changeable nib units. Again, note: copper has patina.

Why am I selling? I like larger nibs, and this has a couple of design flaws that annoy me but may not bother you: the cap threads are temperamental, and the body is so narrow that not all cartridges fit easily inside.

How much? £30.

TWSBI Classic (v1), stub

A workhorse TWSBI: piston-filler, traditional shape. Has seen use but still in good nick.

Why am I selling? I have two other TWSBIs that I use more (Eco and Vac Mini).

How much? £20.

Conway Stewart Burnham

A truly vintage pen. Lever fill, wet and surprisingly flexible gold nib, beautiful green marble finish. Good condition except for a bit of missing tipping material — fortunately not on the side that touches the paper! Bought it from The Writing Desk THIRTEEN BLOODY YEARS AGO. Gulp, I’m getting old.

Why am I selling? It’s a small pen, and as with the Vacumatic, I’m always nervous about changing inks in something like a lever filler.

How much? £25.

Kaweco Sport Classic Guilloche, medium

This was a daily user for a long time. It’s a great pen, writes well, finish shows pocket wear, but functions perfectly.

Why am I selling it? I’ve got pricier pens now, among them an Al Sport.

How much? £10.

Not pictured above: Faber-Castell Ondoro, Graphite Black

Brand new, used once. See my review for my experiences.


How much? £40

Not pictured above: Giuliano Mazzuoli Museo Ducati Mini Officina

Rare mini fountain pen in aluminium with Ducati styling.


Small, red milled aluminium fountain pen by Mazzuoli for Museo Ducati. Made in Italy. Boxed, brand new, never inked. Not my cup of tea, unwanted gift.

Reviews on FPN suggest that this brand is not well known, but the pens are well liked. 10p piece in shot for scale — this is a small pen, good size for the pocket. Steel nib is unmarked but looks to be a medium.

Similar models seem to be listed new at between €100 and $150.

Would be good for a Ducati fan or anyone who likes the red anodized look.

How much? £30.

Note pictured above: ACME Studio QWERTY rollerball, new

This is a brand new, boxed ACME QWERTY rollerball.


Retails for £71 new from Cultpens. Metal so has a good heft to it and it’s very nicely finished — but I simply don’t use rollerballs, ever.

I know this is a fountain pen group, but perhaps some of you need to write in other ways sometimes!

How much? £40.




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