Radio silence…

A brief note is in order: I’ve just started a new job (two days in!) and it’s leaving little time or energy for posting right now. But I’ve got some great stuff lined up, including:

  • The second half of my notebooks for work comparison (incidentally, I’m currently powering my way through a Baron Fig Confidant during my onboarding — it’s bearing up well).
  • A review of my two new Nocks: the Lookout and Fodderstack XL. I’ve now got four different Nock cases, so a comparison is in order.
  • My final thoughts on #6penchallenge, including the continuing saga of my Vacumatic…
  • In-depth reviews of a notebook and journal by Say Nice Things, a UK-based notebook maker.
  • Hobonichi reflections, as I reach the final days with my first April-start A5 Cousin and get ready to start my new Hobo.
  • An insight into the world of EDC (that’s everyday carry for you normal folk) and what on earth it has to do with fountain pens.

Hope you can bear with me for a few more days.

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