#6penchallenge #winning

#6penchallenge is going really well for me. In fact, I’m down to #3penchallenge right now.

I wrote the Pilot 91 inked with Tsuki-Yo dry in just a couple of days. It was a lovely combination — reminded me why I like this ink so much. And there’s something almost mystical about the feel of the FM nib.

Not long after that I wrote the Vacumatic with Pelikan Turquoise dry. Or rather, I mostly wrote it dry and then discovered a ton of ink in the blind cap. Drat, it leaks. So, a thorough wash and off it goes back to the seller for a check-over. Before that, it was a great writer, and I was really impressed with the sheen that the Pelikan ink delivered.

2017-02-24 08.04.57

Lovely barrel transparency. Shame it leaks like the Trump administration.

Today I wrote dry my Pilot 912 FA, inked with Kobe Nano-Cho Midnight. I’m growing to love this colour. Like most Sailor inks, it’s very wet, and lubricated the flexy Falcon nib wonderfully. The black-purple colour is deep and engaging, and dries with an iridescent green sheen like a beetle’s shell.

2017-02-18 14.31.14

Such classy packaging.

I’m most of the way through the cartridge of Lie de The in my Pocket 66. It’s reminded me how much I like the Franklin-Christoph design: simple, easy-off cap, concave section, big fat barrel, light weight. It’s a very precise writer. The ink is somewhat lacking in personality and would benefit from a wetter nib, but it’s perfectly nice.

I’ve barely touched the Lamy 2000 with KWZ Gummiberry — with the wet medium nib and super-wet ink it feathers like crazy and writes like a double broad. Not particularly useful for the office or the journal.

I’ve similarly neglected the Vac Mini with Akkerman Hofkwartier Groen, but I think tonight it’ll get a turn in the Hobonichi. It’s a really fun combo.

2017-03-04 14.45.45

Obligatory tweed-porn

Rather than reinking or swapping pens, I’m quite keen to see if I can write everything dry. Giving up pens for Lent, perhaps?! But so far I’m pleased with my choices. They’ve served me well, and I hope the Vacumatic hurries back soon…

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