On a roll

Do you ever have months where your hobbies suddenly seem fresh and exciting again? Well, I'm having one of those months. Was it the pen show? Maybe. I did buy two very different pens from brands that had been absent from my collection for a while, not to mention the haul of products for review … Continue reading On a roll

Guest post: fountain pen truths, part one

Welcome to the first of two guest posts from the inestimable Claire. I follow her sharp-tongued posts religiously on Instagram, and while I don't always agree with her, I think her voice is well worth sharing... with minimal editing. Speak truth, Claire! Hello! And welcome to my random, candid (read: snarky), stream-of-consciousness style musings on … Continue reading Guest post: fountain pen truths, part one

Onoto leather pen roll: a matching case for your Magna

I call this product the “pen croissant”. I’m hoping the name sticks. I hope the product sticks too, because I really like it. What we have here is a simple, rustic-feeling case for a single pen, made from thick, soft leather with a single popper closure. It’s available in three colours. I picked the blue, … Continue reading Onoto leather pen roll: a matching case for your Magna

The (nearly) heavenly Visconti Divina Bordeaux

TL;DR: watch the video https://youtu.be/Blugujo5E8A Prefer to read? Here's the written review If there's been any doubt in your mind that Visconti can make beautiful pens, the Divina Bordeaux should lay it firmly to rest. The Divina is gorgeous in photos, but in person it is utterly stunning. The wine-red resin is interesting and swirly, … Continue reading The (nearly) heavenly Visconti Divina Bordeaux