For sale: ASC, Montblanc and more

Edit 9pm 31 Dec: most of the pens in the original photo below have gone. I’m now also selling my Namiki Urushi 20, M nib for £1,000 and Schon brass half-faceted for £140. Still available: Rotring Lava, Lamy Scala, 2x Hahnemuhle pens.

It’s the end of the year and probably not a great time to be selling pens — after buying Christmas presents and black Friday bargains, many of you will be feeling not exactly flush. But let me see if I can tempt you.

All pens below are in good inked condition, kept in my tray or a protective case when not in use. Most are boxed. Prices are net to me and include UK shipping. I will ship internationally at cost.

As always, leave a comment, use the contact form, DM me on Instagram or email if you’re interested!

Montblanc Agatha Christie, M, £1,250.

Google around and you’ll find these for £1,600 and up — this is a good price for an appreciating pen. It’s as lovely as my review suggests. M nib, boxed with papers.

Sold Montblanc 149 EF, £375.

This is a particularly sweet writer, with an EF that writes like an F architect. It has a 14c tricolour nib and a solid ebonite feed if you’re interested in dating it. Has wear and tear from age but still presentable and a perfect user.

Sold! ASC Gladiatore Medio Arco, F, £875

F nib writes like a juicy medium. Piston filler, roller clip, faceted body. Glorious arco and the pattern lines up. This limited numbered edition is long sold out; new Medio Arco editions sell for €1,250 (just checking Fontoplumo for example).

Hahnemuhle Bold and Slim, M nibs, £225 each

As recently reviewed. These are well built, premium pens with excellent 18k nibs. Don’t let the unknown brand put you off. The Slim is ideal if you like smaller pens.

Rotring Newton Lava, EF, £300

Go check out eBay and you’ll either find beaters or huge prices for these, or import duties. Or all three. This has a firm steel EF nib and the cap clutches are almost completely free of wear. No box.

Sold! Ystudio Copper Portable, M, £90

A £150 pen, boxed, no leather thong. Hewn from solid copper, amazing cap action.

Spoke Icon, F, £100

Brand new, inked once. Machined pen with swappable coloured sleeves inside the barrel and swappable sections. Includes blue knurled section and spare grey grooved section. JoWo nib. Check out the new prices if you like, but you’ll pay for shipping and get hit by customs — I did.

Lamy Scala, F, £50

My review sample, boxed and nearly new. As you’ll see from the review, there are plenty of Scala lovers out there, so find out what the fuss is about.

Esterbrook JR Paradise, factory architect, £75

My review sample. Lovely pen with nibmeister architect nib. Keen price!

Sold! Midori MD fountain pen, M

As reviewed. Lovely little pen. Buy this on its own for £30 shipped or I’ll include it free if you spend £200 or more on other pens.

4 thoughts on “For sale: ASC, Montblanc and more

  1. Hello,
    I would be interested in your schon half faceted pen if you can send it to France ?
    Is your nib tuned? Is it F, M or B?
    Happy New Year!

    Fan of your blog, btw 😉


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