For sale: new pens added

I know, all I seem to be posting nowadays is for sale posts. But you might be surprised at my next SotC!

I have a few pens for sale that I haven’t listed before. Here goes. All prices include UK shipping and I’ll throw in a surprise with each purchase today (14th April).

Leave a comment below or email [email protected]

ST Dupont Elysee 14k M: £300

A really class act. Enamel, scalloped gold nib, addictive cap click.

Diplomat Aero blue, 14k M: £175

Vibrant blue, German build quality, with an aftermarket JoWo 14k nib fitted by me that’s wonderfully smooth and juicy.

Fine Writing International Kuroshio, M: £60

Versatile converter/eyedropper with long body and stubby wet blacked-out nib.

Junghans 34mm handwound: £400

A Bauhaus beauty that’s just a bit too small for my wrist. Check out that typography! On an aftermarket strap because I didn’t like the stock one.

G-Shock ‘Casioak’ grey, £70

Awesome new icon of a watch, but I am simplifying and sticking with my solar/radio/metal G-Shock. This has only been worn a couple of times.

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