Snippets: Sunday 18th October 2020

I’ve not done one of these for a while, but it’s been a big week for stationery and I’ve got a lot to share that doesn’t fit into normal channels!

Going big with Onoto

It’s hardly been two minutes since I got the Sequoyah, and then Onoto hits my inbox with a set of pen show specials — one-offs and limited runs at keen prices that it would otherwise have brought along to the London pen show.

It’s a great idea to reward fans (the shop link only went out to newsletter subscribers) and to add some excitement. It certainly worked on me: I couldn’t resist this beauty — with a #8 gold nib. Phwoar.

Word from Onoto is that they’re developing a larger model, to be called the ‘Mammoth’, a suitably fitting name from Onoto’s heritage.

I also had a bit of a tease about a forthcoming edition with a rather ornate cap band celebrating a certain prince of Denmark….

Schon Dsgn’s new drop

But it’s not all Onoto news. Ian Schon launched his Autumn (OK, fall) lineup with some fab new colours. Ian does a fab job of engaging in this community of ours, and the actual drop happened straight after an Instagram Live where he talked through the backstory of each colour, and answered questions.

I picked up two, a dark purple called Obsidian, and a rusty orange and green combo that I inadvertently named, calling it ‘Shipwreck’.

Rickshaw on an innovation roll

As my Schon collection grows, it was timely to see Rickshaw bags announce a whole line of sleeves and rolls designed to fit these tiny pens.

In fact, something must be in the water over at Rickshaw, since they’ve also launched a new writer’s bag, called Bento, and a case for stuffing full of their Coozies.

Mark from Rickshaw has sent me a package full of goodies that is currently sat at customs — I am crossing all my fingers and toes that some of these new products are in it!

A red onion Scribo?!

Closer to home, the new Write Here Scribo launched this week, named Tropea after a region of Italy that grows particularly wonderful red onions!

I had been waiting for the right time to buy my second Scribo, and this was it (I love the colours of many of the Feel editions, but the shape just doesn’t work for me).

The colour really is that rich red/purple of onion skins, plums or red wine, and the pen is a big smooth canvas to show it off, with all its chattoyance.

I had been thinking hard about whether to buy a Leonardo Cuspide, but in the end I’m happier with this choice.

Loft shows how hard work pays off

Remember the Loft Pens bespoke pen that I reviewed recently? Well, I have another in for review. Call it a re-review.

Some brands I deal with throw a tantrum when I critique their products. Sam from Loft sees it as an opportunity to improve. We’ve been swapping messages about what he can work on, and I have been so impressed with his attitude. It speaks volumes about the service you can expect as a customer.

Anyway, the new pen is in a mix of three grey resins and is sized similar to a Montegrappa Extra. It’s still not perfect, but it’s miles better than the version I reviewed in the summer.

Gazing Far

I hadn’t heard of Gazing Far until a few weeks ago, when I somehow stumbled on them on Instagram and dropped them a message.

They make two very interesting pens, with wooden barrels in unusual timbers like Dragon Juniper and Verawood. One is long and slim like a Graf Classic; the other a pocket pen with large cap, like a Sport.

I’ve had them in hand for nearly a week and I really, really like them. They’re just a bit fresh, and they both feature #5 Schmidt nibs that write beautifully. I’m enjoying them a lot.

I then discover that you can rent them on Pensharing already! So do consider giving them a try.

A special mention to the ink samples they sent along with the pens.

There are a few gems in here (and here swatched against several other new arrivals).

Pelikan M205 Moonstone

The Moonstone arrived at last. It’s nice. The grey is sparkly, but not in a gaudy way. It’s a mid grey, not light or dark. And the build quality seems better: the casting marks on the section that bothered me on the Star Ruby are almost imperceptible here. On the downside, the nib is just about OK.

Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy

Coming at the end of October is a new calligraphy set built around the Perkeo. One arrived yesterday for my review, and I was charmed by it. The Perkeo is light, robust and very easy to get a solid proper grip on — essential qualities when you’re trying to develop a new technique.

The kit includes cartridges and three nib units: 1.1, 1.5 and 1.5 stubs.

Published this week

There’s plenty more I could share with you, but if you want to read more, don’t forget to check out the four posts I got out the door this week, in case you missed any…

Namisu Horizon : the second of my Namisu reviews.

Parker Jotter: this is not a good pen. But you might enjoy the review.

Galen pocket pen case: I’m glad I’ve got somewhere to put all these Schon P6s!

Guardrails: this post really took off — lots of traffic and comments! Who’d have thought you guys like reading about wooden trays so much?!

Until next time, enjoy your weekend!

7 thoughts on “Snippets: Sunday 18th October 2020

  1. Anthony, Another very interesting post. Brightens the week considerably as well as learning something and seeing pens I wouldn’t otherwise. Some of those resin pens you have are gorgeous looking.
    Have just received Lamy 2000 (from Cult Pens) wasn’t an intended purchased but having read your review/s I thought I’ve got to have one. Haven’t got used to it yet but very comfy in the hand and writes well but slightly wetter and thicker line (medium) than I had expected – an excuse to buy a Fine at some point!!

    Have a good weekend



    • I have the same issue with the medium Lamy 2000, it’s lovely and smooth but a bit wet and broad. Trying to resist adding an EF to the collection.


  2. Chacun a son gout (each to his own taste) as the French say…I have the Lamy 2000 medium and I like it because it writes a fatter medium and wet too. I find it very interesting how other people respond to a particular pen, as well as pens in general. There’s room for us all!


  3. An Onoto with #8 nib is appealing if the perfect ergonomy of the Magna doesn’t suffer, and if the convertor filler can keep up.

    The Scribo just demands to be filled with yama-budo.


    • Funnily enough Yama Budo is the perfect match and the one I went to first… But my small bottle was too low for the pen to get a fill! So I went with Montblanc Antoine Encre du Desert.


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