Where do you keep your pocket pens when they’re not in your pocket? Galen has the answer.

Just this week I ordered two more Schon P6s. When I’m ruthless about managing the rest of my collection, pocket pens can be a bit of a sideline vice for me. I know I’m not alone. They’re inexpensive and fun.

These tiny pens don’t sit well in regular pen cases, for obvious reasons: pocket pens are so short they fall to the bottom of full-length slots. And even in cases with elastic loops, it’s a bit of a waste of space, anyway.

Luckily, Galen Leather makes a case specifically for pocket pens: the Collector Pen Case for 14 Kaweco Pens. It’s a zip-up clamshell design in thick leather, a little shorter and wider than a paperback book.

Open it up like a book and you’ll find seven elastic loops on each cover, and a suede divider mounted in the ‘spine’ of the book.

The case and its slots are clearly designed for the ubiquitous Kaweco Sport, and indeed they fit perfectly well, but everything from the huge Leonard Slattery A Sé to the Sailor Mini to the Schon P6 and John Garnham JG5 sit happily in the slots, held securely but not too tightly.

Like all of Galen’s products, the case feels built to last. The full grain leather is the ‘crazy horse’ variety, with a matte finish in a nice warm brown. It feels not quite padded as such, but certainly squishy to the touch.

Inside, the surfaces that touch the pens are soft suede in a tan colour. I wouldn’t worry about my pens in here.

The loops and the divider page keep them well separated. (Pictured below with the zip edges folded back).

The hand stitching is excellent, inside and out.

The case closes with a chunky metal zip from YKK, with a stout leather pull.

This is the feature of any case that terrifies me — metal zips are the perfect way to scratch your beautiful pen to shit in seconds.

In this case, you don’t have to worry: the easiest way to get pens in and out of their slots is to open the case flat and insert them from the spine end of the slot, avoiding the pen moving past the zip at all.

You’ll see from the photos that I have the case mostly full. With a couple of larger pocket pens in there, zipping it shut feels a bit tight.

This is not like Nock’s cases where you can normally squeeze in a couple of extra pens or a notebook.

So, there you have it: a chunky case that will hold 14 pocket pens and last long enough to hand it down to your kids. At £45, it’s decent value, too. I was sent mine free to review by Galen. You can get yours here.

One thought on “Where do you keep your pocket pens when they’re not in your pocket? Galen has the answer.

  1. I’ve a similar case from Galen for regular sized pens (the 5 pen case) and I can second these cases are a great value and really beautifully built. When I bring around my Schon Dsgn fountain pen I use a Lamy sleeve for the Pico ballpoint and it fits perfectly, as if it was built for the P6!

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