State of the collection: June 2019

Another month, and more change in my pen squad. Instead of running through the whole list, I’ll focus on what’s in and what’s out since last time.

As always, my goal is to keep my collection small enough to fit in this drawer. I’m pleased to say that it does. Just.

What’s out

Visconti Van Gogh Room in Arles: I retired this again now that my nib-swap fun is over. Rest well, old friend.

Faber-Castell e-Motion: I sold this solid writer to someone who’ll get more use out of it than me.

Montblanc Petit Prince LeGrand: I traded the Petit Prince with its beautiful EF nib. I was finding it just a tad small in the hand, and the metal piston knob just that bit too pendulous. But I think this is one I’m going to miss.

Conway Stewart Winston Heritage: I traded this away in the end. I gradually came to appreciate the solid build, comfy section and great nib, but found it just that bit long for me.

Oldwin Rouge Sang Pareil: This will be one I regret. Such a beautiful pen, and because it’s so light, really comfortable too. I think an Oldwin Classic is probably in my future.

Karas Ink: I decided I’m not so fond of metal pens in principle. Great EF Ti nib to say goodbye to, though.

Karas Starliner XL Re-Entry: the super-cool blue and orange colour scheme was great, but the Starliner remains just that bit too small for me to use comfortably. Starliner XXL, anyone?!

What’s in

Namiki Urushi #20: I have written about this a few times recently. A strong candidate for ‘perfect pen’ and I’m struggling to use anything else in my rotation.

Nakaya Long Cigar Kuro-Tamenuri: Longest pen I own by a sea mile, but very light. The only thing odd about it is that the cap is narrower than the barrel!

Sailor 1911L Black Luster: I thought I would give a Sailor another go. My last was a Pro Gear. This time I went for the tiny extra length of the 1911, and a version with a metal section, the Black Luster, for more weight at the nib end. It’s good, but I’m not convinced it’s a long-term keeper for me. The nib has a curious zoom effect, even though it’s a normal medium.

Visconti Opera Master River Thames at Midday: This was what I traded the Conway and Montblanc for. Fingers crossed I like it. Incoming tomorrow! Will my recent rejection of big pens ruin it for me?

Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red: Still incoming, but I thought I’d try the bigger size of the Duofold to see if it fits me better than the International. I am a sucker for the vintage styling.

Pilot 823 Amber FA: My third try with an 823. I must be crazy. But I miss the FA nib too much. Incoming!

Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel: I’ve been wondering about the steel version of the 2000 for years. I took a punt on a bargain. Will be interesting to see how the weight feels, when it arrives.

What’s missing

Conid Kingsize: On loan to a trusted friend!

Desiderata Soubriquet Amber: Also on loan, but still for sale…

Desiderata Soubriquet Cocobolo Mk2: Sat with my brother in the US. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Aurora Optima Flex Grey: Still with Aurora for a replacement cap. It’s been over 12 weeks now. Pretty disappointed in Aurora’s service, and it’s holding me back from buying a Nettuno.


What will things look like in July? Hopefully not too different. I’m still considering the Pelikan M1005, and the Aurora Nettuno. And a Oldwin Classic. But that’s it. I promise. Honestly…

6 thoughts on “State of the collection: June 2019

  1. Exciting times ahead. I hope you are delighted with the new arrivals (but isn’t the Lamy 2000 stainless steel a metal pen?). It does seem from your manoeuvrings that you are trying to find the perfect fountain pen but I am not sure that such a thing exists. But it seems that you are getting ever nearer to a drawer full of pens that all come close! For me a lot of the great pens lose points for costing more than I feel comfortable to spend.


    • Yeah, the 2000 is a metal pen but it doesn’t have a smooth finish or metal threads so I’m giving it a pass for now! I’m definitely pursuing perfection, but also novelty, at a slightly lower price point than before — although not as low as it should be!

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    • Hey! Just arrived today. A much better pen for me than the International — the size and section are great. The nib is a fine, quite wet and a little tooth, feels nice, but it’s a nail. No bounce like yours has. The Big Red colour scheme is nice, but it would be miles better if it wasn’t just cast acrylic. Feels a bit cheap.


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